Wednesday, March 9, 2011

34 weeks

This picture is 33ish weeks but at this point you are just big so it can count for 34. :)  I'm feeling rather  large and everything feels very stretched. According to the internet baby is about the size of a cantaloupe. He's stretching out a lot in there and loves to stick his feet out. So I'm always feeling pointy little heels and if I push them he pulls them back in. He also likes to stick his behind out making for an interesting looking belly. I can't believe we could possibly meet him in 3 weeks. That's when I'm full-term. Crazy! I guess I should probably have some things organized but sadly I do not yet. Although I've been working on Emerson's Easter basket just in case I'm not in the position to make it for her. I've had some slight insomnia as it takes forever for me to get to sleep and if I ever wake up Little Guy is up as well. That might also be because he seems to have hiccups every night. I remember it maybe once or twice with Emerson but he has them all the time! I believe he has dropped some as my shirts seem to fit even less than before and on our short walk yesterday I thought for sure he just might fall out! I haven't had any specific cravings lately except I'm just starving. Although I'm looking forward to trying the Chic-Fil-A banana pudding milkshake sometime very soon. Sounds like a pregnant woman's dream.

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