Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2 years old

Emerson is two years old! I can remember the day she was born like it was yesterday and I can't believe how much she has changed! She is talking quite a bit now and says all kinds of words and shows lots of understanding about the world around her. An expert at mimicking, Emerson can repeat pretty much any word we say and likes to impersonate us. One day Mark was talking and she is sitting there shaking her head going, "yeah, yeah, uh huh, yeah." She will also get on the phone and do that as well as pretending to tell jokes. Funny girl. Right now she loves to take care of her baby saying shhh, rocking her, as well as checking for a dirty diaper. Such a good little Mama. Emerson has become very sympathetic of when we are hurt. She points out any boo boo and asks if it hurts and wants to kiss it. Of course she wants someone to kiss her boo boos in return. She can also name tons of animals but her favorite right now is an elephant. I think a trip to the zoo is definitely in order. She loves her dog and is always saying, "Hey Mia," and chasing her. She loves to run after her telling her to sit, and of course hush. Ha! She has a new found love for airplanes after a trip to the airport observation deck and has become an expert spotter. She is still tiny as ever and is probably 20lbs soaking wet. Although the girl can eat. Her favorite foods include pizza, grapes, hummus, homemade sweet potato fries, anything with peanut butter, varieties of fruit, and recently baby carrots. Such a blessing she will finally eat at least one vegetable! Hopefully over the next year she will continue to add more and more foods to her diet.  She has entered the 2 zone already throwing fits, saying, "Mine!," and of course hesitant to share. She even says, "My Daddy." A daddy's girl for sure, she claims him, and calls not just for any Daddy but her Daddy.  She enthusiastically spots his picture, and always asks where he is when he isn't around. Emerson knows how to say please and does it quite often as she thinks it's the magic word to get whatever she wants. After months and months and months of prompting she will finally say thanks occasionally.  She enthusiastically counts 1, 2, 5, 6! We're working on filling in those numbers. :) She loves the a, b, c's and it's one of her favorite tunes. Although she will dance to just about anything but especially loves high energy music and latin inspired. We're so thankful for a healthy and fun girl and can't wait to see what the next year brings. Happy Birthday Emerson Kaye!

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