Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Trip to Marbles

New Year's Eve we decided to take Emerson to Marbles Kid's Museum since Mark was off work. I guess every other parent in Raleigh had the same idea because it was crowded! E. was a little apprehensive at first with the mass of people but she quickly adjusted. Here she is taking a little cruise.
Of course we played with the wildlife.

Then took another drive.

There were so much stuff to do it took awhile to get her over to the play kitchen. Once she did she was a  maniac trying to get a shopping cart and baskets. She managed to get two and wanted to pile them in a wheel barrow. Overkill, much? 

Then she had to make a phone call. 
I'm still not sure who she called. 
The splash area was a big hit. There was an aquarium on the other side and she was pretty stoked about the fish. 
One of our favorites was the build and destroy room. Mark would build a tower and Emerson would destroy it. Haha! She found it hysterical. 
She also loved her own dump truck. Emerson practically stalked the kid playing with it until he got off. It was the perfect height for her to scoot around. After a couple hours of playing we figured we needed to get this kiddo to bed. 
She passed out in the car and I was able to transport her crib for a 3 hour nap. Thanks Marbles!

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