Friday, January 7, 2011

22 months

Emerson is 22 months old! Only two more months until 2. I can barely believe it! She has been full of personality lately. Talking a lot, saying tons of words, and is always surprisingly us with what she understands. She is silly and loves to make us laugh.
Emerson has been talking about the baby and wanting to rub my belly and give it a kiss. She also wants to tickle my belly and tells the baby to get out. Ha! I tell her he is sleeping. E. also rubs my behind if she sees it and says baby. Apparently anything round contains a baby. :)
She is girly as ever and loves to carry a purse and put on some jewelry. She wants to switch shoes about 10 times a day and always insist on wearing shoes that don't fit. We wore our summer flip flops yesterday and she walked like a duck.
When we say our night time prayers all she wants to pray about is Dada. A Daddy's girl for sure.  At the end she will let out a loud AMEN. She still loves to read books, and is enjoying singing songs.  Whenever I sing something she will cheer, and clap at the end. My own personal fan. I think lately she must be going through a growth spurt because she is clearing the food out of our house. I can't say snack, or lunch without her running to the fridge and hanging on the handles like a monkey. For breakfast she had two bowls of cheerios, a cup of yogurt, and a cereal bar. Insane!
Our little comedian loves to make silly faces. She will do this shocked look and bust out laughing afterwards. That is what she is doing in all these pictures just in case you were wondering. All I have to say is act surprised Emerson, and she will give me this look. Haha.

I'm trying to jot down the funny things she is doing now before I forget. We've been listening to a lot of pandora through the tv lately so the album covers appear on the screen. One day we were listening and Emerson started yelling Dada. I noticed Bebo Norman on the screen who looked similar to Mark. She insisted it was her Daddy. Now everytime he pops up she yells for Dada. Even getting upset when he is gone! I caught in on video one day so I wanted to share. You can also see that she is a dog whisperer in training. By the way the dog is playing not being scary. Enjoy!

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