Thursday, January 20, 2011

Funny Moments

Sorry for the lack of posting. Emerson and I have been sick the past week so no real energy for preggo updates or cute pictures. I thought I would share some funny things that have happened, if not for the simple fact so it won't be two weeks since my last post. The other night when we were saying our nighttime prayers I try to prompt Emerson with what she is thankful for. The usual is Dadda. That night she said Dadda, and I asked her what else to get her to maybe say I don't know her Mommy??? Haha. But, in honest response she said fish. Goldfish that is. My toddler is thankful for her Daddy and Goldfish.  Haha!

Jump forward a couple days while I'm filling my prescription at Target. We are just walking around, wasting time. As we pass the shoe section I stop near the toddler girls. As soon as Emerson sees these shoes she takes off her fake Uggs and throws them in the cart, begging for these sandals. Not quite weather appropriate yet I admire her fashion sense. Although the temper tantrum that ensued was not I had hoped for. :)

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