Wednesday, January 26, 2011

28 weeks

 So it's been a long time since my last pregnancy update. I'm 28 weeks today and officially in the third trimester. I didn't mean to change up my pictures with cutting off my head but I couldn't get the tripod back far enough and I didn't feel like switching out lenses. So there you go! I didn't look so great anyways. But, Emerson forgot to tell me my shirt was messed up in the back. Haha! Baby B. is about 14 inches long. He can now blink his eyes which we saw in the last ultrasound. I'm starting to feel just plain old heavy, along with some hip pain. Kind of feel like an 80 year old woman. Or what I can imagine it feels like to be 80. But, no back pain since I'm not behind a desk all day. So there is a silver lining! My skin is starting to feel like it might pop open and I'm completely bewildered how women carry 10lb children around. The most difficult thing has been picking up Emerson and how the weight pulls on my belly. Ouch! I've had a ridiculous craving for chocolate cupcakes this week. I can even taste them. I walked by some at Wal-Mart four times the other day before deciding I didn't need 6 cupcakes. Hello crazy.  Maybe I will get my hands on one this weekend. I'm on the every two week appointment and they are watching Baby B. closely to make sure he is growing well. I'm starting to get very anxious for his arrival. It's very different than with Emerson where I think I was in many ways scared of the unknown and wanted her to stay in as long as possible. Not that I wasn't excited but just nervous. Now newborns are no mystery and I'm really excited to meet this little guy. So 3 months seems like forever away! We got Baby B. tons of clothes at the consignment sale so I'm feeling much more prepared. He won't have to wear pink after all. Emerson was exposed to a newborn last weekend and did rather well. She didn't mind me holding the baby and wasn't really pushy at all. So fingers crossed she welcomes her brother with open arms. So this post isn't Baby B. heavy here is a picture of Emerson I ran across from November of 2009. Doesn't even look like her! Look at that buzz cut. I remember at this age, 7 months, she was pulling up and starting to cruise and I thought she was into everything. Ha! Now I know this was the easy age. :)
Emerson 7 months

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