Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Play Ball

We were out of town all weekend so I'll just sum up the last few days.....
~Emerson slept the entire way in the car, there and back! Woo hoo!
~I got a haircut
~I got lost in the endless amount of merchandise at Hobby Lobby but, finally found a birthday banner for Emerson.
~Emerson discovered throwing things is fun! For her at least.
~We had a playdate with Chatham and visited with Aunt Reba.
~After several attempts I have started a crocheted blanket for Emerson.
~Emerson was traumatized by an inflatable duck bath tub.
~She finally got a top tooth!
That's the cliftnote version. Here is a video of Emerson playing ball (since I was camera free) at her Grandparents after she rejected her pjs. She seems enthused for a baby that is suppose to be in bed don't you think?

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