Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Funny Day Part 1

So I'll start off by saying I know these pictures are terrible. Dark, noisy, etc, but I had to move quickly to capture this funny moment. Emerson's friend got a new toy for his carseat. Apparently she really loves it. I look over and she is standing in the carseat with the carseat going straight up! After I about had a heart attack that she would flip on her head I grabbed the camera.
At least she held on to the handle, right?
Bouncing up and down, dancing to the tunes.
I thought she was about done when she sat down rocked the carseat back like this.
"I think I'll stay for awhile"

Then goes back to playing with the carseat accessory.

If it's this big of a hit we might just have to get one to survive our car rides. Emerson went on to play like this for 30 minutes which in baby time is forever. Scratch that she just got back in. We might not be able to let this carseat go. Haha.

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