Sunday, September 20, 2009

Toys, toys, toys

Little Emerson is getting to the age where toys are a whole lot of fun. Not only that but they are pretty much necessary to keep her out of trouble. Well, at least attempt to. I'm always contemplating what would be the best toy for her. It's a gamble because either they will love it or never even touch it. I'm already going through my head making a christmas list of things I think she will enjoy in the months to come. I can't believe I'm already thinking of Christmas but Emerson has gotten me really excited about it this year. Her festive bow is already on order, her holiday photo shoot, and I'm already contemplating Christmas cards. I think I'm kind of skipping over Halloween but you know I can't really justify paying $20 for an outfit for one day. Now that I'm all side tracked back to our subject at hand. What is it again??? Oh yeah. Toys.
She has been having a blast banging her toys on the bumbo tray and well you know eating it as well. Isn't that how it's suppose to be used?

Chica has also been in love with her new bath toys in and out of the water. Her favorites are the bumblebees which we keep on hand at all times. Great teething toy for babies and dogs alike appparently.
We have finally gotten into the exersaucer. She use to just get really angry that toys wouldn't come off. Now she has figured out that it isn't so bad if they stay attached because she is in there anyways.
We also replaced the batteries after having it for 8 months so it plays silly kiddy songs when she bangs on the buttons. I would like to say we knew that it played music but it was until about a month ago we realized that the buttons probably did something. Ooops.

Now for my proud purchase. I got these stacking cups for $1 at the consignment sale. Best purchase ever. Not only are they fun colors but they have numbers on them as well leading the way for all kinds of developmental good stuff.
We've enjoyed banging them together, banging them on the floor, the fireplace, and Mommy from time to time.
After all these fun toys what does she really want? By the way do you remember this outfit?
The remote.

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