Thursday, September 3, 2009

6 month check-up

Here is Emerson's size comparison picture. I tried to make one of those collage things with all of her past 5 pictures but it didn't work. So if you are really interested to see her progression you can weed through my birthday posts. By the way I only got her to sit still that long because she was watching The Bonnie Hunt show. Nice, huh? Anyways we're back from our 6 month check up and we both survived. She got two shots and had the silent agonizing scream but I nursed her immediately and it was like magic. Now why didn't I do this last time instead of crying myself?? Lesson learned. Milk=All better. First they weighed her in the nude while she attempted to roll off and sit up on the scale. She either weighed 12.5lbs or 12lb 5oz. The scale confused me and I didn't bother to ask now that I think about it. Ha. But, still I was off a whole pound. I swear she feels heavier than that. Now for the fun update on the adventures of Miss Emerson. Note to the doctor office staff, Emerson is a unisex name and if the baby is wearing pink chances are they are a girl!
Emerson has become increasingly active and playful this month. She loves to roll around and play with her toys or whatever she can get her hands on. A couple days ago she started to scoot and can now go forward by pulling her arms. I guess some kind of an army crawl. Today I was vacuuming while she played on her mat but she decided she wanted to know what I was doing and tried to follow me by scooting along. Too cute. I babysit a 2 year old occasionally and he is not thrilled she can scoot forward and take his toys. She could roll before but now she has a lot more direction control. Emerson has also started to reach for me which just makes me melt inside. Now she'll be playing in her bumbo and if I get in close proximity she reaches her arms up to say, "Hey! I think you forgot something."

She still loves, loves, loves animals. They are basically her favorite toy. She was chasing the cat today so he hid beneath the rocking chair so she couldn't reach. So just babbled and smacked her hands on the floor. She also likes to play with dogs paws or we pretend like she is chasing her. Never fails to bring out a cackle. She puts absolutely everything in her mouth and has quite the grip. When I take away, heaven forbid her diaper cream so I can use it to change her she lets me know what she thinks about it. I still have quite a time changing her diaper. It is near impossible to keep this child laying still. People have suggested to me giving her a toy during changing time. Well, all she does is gladly take the toy and roll over.

She loves music and is throughly entertained by her Dad's dancing. As you can see by the photo below she bites or sucks on her lip a lot. I love that little face. I could just kiss her all day. But, you know when I try to give her kisses she opens her mouth completely and tries to pull on my face with her hands. Such a nut. Not only has she unfortunately discovered my hair she has also discovered that she has hair. She likes to rub her soft locks.

I have had several comments on what pretty brown eyes she has. They are dark, and there is some brown but I can't really say for certain they will be all brown. I'm holding out for hazel. My favorite thing this month is she is starting to cuddle up more. She snuggles her head on my shoulder and wraps her arms around me. So incredibly sweet. I hope you enjoy the rest of her birthday pictures!

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Aw I love the pics at the end! Glad she had a good check up!