Monday, September 21, 2009


We haven't fed Emerson any solids yet. 1. Because I dread the beginning of stinky diapers 2. I dread a big mess and of course there are more logical reasons like letting her digestive system develop, reducing risks of allergies, and keeping her immune system up with the most milk possible. None the less there is no reason she can't have a little fun while she waits on the real deal. Last night I had an ounce for frozen milk in the fridge that was pretty much on the verge of going bad so I decided to let Emerson have it. So we broke it up and put it in our handy baby feeder. Voila! A milkcicle. She was in love. She gobbled it down and immediately begged for more. She was sucking the remnants of milk on her bib and becoming rather agitated. So I pulled out another frozen ounce and she yanked it out of my hand. She wanted that milkcicle now. When I took it away so I could actually put it in the feeder. It's kind of hard eat to a milkcicle through plastic. Waiting isn't in a 6 month olds vocabulary so she pitched a fit until we finally got it transferred.
Then went to town on the second one of the night. When it was done she was again not thrilled but that was all I had and I was afraid the kid was going to get frost bit on her tongue. So milkcicles are our frienemy. Awesome until they inevitably run out.


The Donley's said...

Milkcicles! I love it! What a great idea. I wish Chatham had liked his little feeder, but he's doing GREAT with a bowl and spoon!

Amy and Mark said...

I've used them for teething by freezing them too!