Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby

Here is the birthday girl a few days late. When I started taking these birthday shots I thought it was a great idea to see her progression. But, as you can see getting a 7 month old to sit still is pretty much a lost cause.
I'm not sure what's going on here.
It's especially tough when she is trying to climb off the couch. Anyways we had to run to the Doctor on Friday for a nasty cold bug and Emerson weighs an even 13lbs. She is getting bigger everyday but is still such a perfect size to cuddle with. She has become increasingly mobile. She has been scooting all over the place and now gets on all fours and plunges forward. Sometimes she will sit for a few seconds but she really prefers to be on the go. She is also starting to pull-up on things which gives me a heart attack. Sadly she also tries to get down when I hold her because she has got places to go. I've love this age because she is so interactive. She loves to follow me around and whenever I talk to her she gives me the cutest grin. Emerson also loves music, singing, and dancing around. It's doesn't matter what we sing. It can be the silliest nonsense and she loves it. Being a parent turns you into a complete goofball. Lately she has been making loud noises which somewhat resemble a wild animal. At first I thought she was upset then I realized that she was just having some fun. She also whoos like a little owl. Her favorite toys lately are the exersaucer and stacking cups. She also finds shoes laying around the house interesting, cat toys, the dog bowl, and any electronic device. E. is also sporting some impressive hair growth and extremely dark eyes. So if you guessed hazel you're wrong. But, don't worry I was wrong as well. She is now our brown eyed girl.

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