Monday, March 30, 2009

Pulling Mommy Rank

I finally decided to start pulling the Mommy card. For the past month I've watched people hold Emerson while she is crying feeling so sick to my stomach. I would wait thinking obviously they would hand her over because thats what I do with an upset child. Majority do but some do not causing both Emerson and myself to feel horrible. But I think my motherly instinct is taking over because I don't think I can stand by any longer. Sometimes it just needs a mothers touch. So I would rather comfort my baby and prevent a soaked shirt. :) 

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Nichole said...

Doesn't that make you nuts!!! I will never forget when I had my Aunt with me and I needed to stop at the grocery store, and I asked her to stay in the car with Finn, and I was gone 2 minutes tops. I came back and he was screaming bloody murder and she wasn't even trying to talk to him! I hate letting him cry!