Thursday, March 26, 2009

Astrology Fun

Since it's so dreary outside here is some astrology fun. My horoscopes have always been surprisingly accurate so we'll see how this pans out.

Mother and Child
Your Pisces child needs your love and protection the way a flower needs nourishing rain and sunlight. And like that flower in the sun, your little one basks in the warmth of your courage and creativity. The way she needs you makes you feel indispensable, like the center of her world -- a position you're more than comfortable with! Loyal and devoted, you're naturally a wonderful parent to your little Pisces. You return her love tenfold and encourage her to be bold and happy, just like you. The fact that you're a bit sensitive yourself helps you understand your little one's sensitive, compassionate nature. You and your Pisces child will always share a strong and tender connection -- she's tuned in to you at a deep emotional level and you give her the grounded strength she needs.

About Emerson
A deeply creative imagination enhances your Pisces child's experience of life, imbuing it with varied hues and shimmering possibilities. You might find her staring off into space, but there's plenty going on in that unfathomable mind of hers -- feelings, impressions, and bits of intuition woven together in a rich mosaic of perception. Pisces children are incredibly tender and compassionate, and they need extra affection from their parents. Your little Pisces may want to be held nonstop as a baby (This one is already true!) and will still need plenty of hugs, kisses, and encouragement as she grows older. Pisces children are often more concerned with their instincts than with logic, and more interested in their dreams or fantasies than in "real life." As the parent of a Pisces child, you can help to ground her in reality; avoidance and escapism are typical Piscean traits. So is idealism. Your Pisces child may have grand visions of the way life could and should be, which will then fall flat in the harsh light of reality. Since your little Pisces is so emotionally sensitive (as well as physically and psychically), you'll need to be careful which people and influences you expose her to and what you feed her. Don't be surprised if she brings home stray kittens and other friends in need. Her heart's capacity to love and serve is enormous -- sometimes to a fault. Your Pisces child needs to protect herself against people who would take advantage of her giving and gullible nature, and that's one area in which you, as her parent, can step in.

Parent & Parent horoscope-Mark is a Sagittarius. I'm a Leo
Harnessing the energy between you is rather like trying to control a team of wild horses. It can be a fun, wild ride, but things can all too quickly get out of hand. This is the challenge you will face in your parenting duties. You're both lively, adventurous, and energetic people. You love to take your kids on all sorts of adventures and expose them to new experiences. But who will mind the store while you're gone? The Leo parent may take on the leadership role in the family, making (and canceling) appointments and taking care of details. It's not your favorite job, but somebody's got to do it! The Sagittarius parent will be busy making all the plans for your next family vacation to some distant, exotic location. The kids happily tag along with you two, learning that the world is their schoolyard.

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