Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Snow Days

We had pretty heavy snow at the tail end of Winter. Emerson was tracked out so we didn't have to make up any days. It almost interfered with her birthday but everything turned out ok. But, we definitely had a lot of time at home. This is what Haven thought about the beautiful flurries. Ha!

Happier snow bunnies

Squinty eyes again. Ha!

Emerson is getting so big and mature looking in her pictures. 

This isn't from the snow but seriously so sweet. They rarely have a picture together so I had to add it. 

Haven would not crack a smile in the freezing temps!

We enjoyed a neighborhood walk to play at a friends when it was really too icy for any fun outside

One smile during the cold. 

Sledding! I think the dog had more fun than anyone. It was beautiful but we were all ready when it melted. Next up birthday update on Miss Emerson!

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