Thursday, April 30, 2015

Emerson turns 6

Emerson is 6! It's really hard to believe for many reasons. Am I old enough to have a 6 year old?!? She's already excited about being 7. Ha! Emerson is what I like to call a birthday diva. She loves to celebrate and is very specific in what she wants. The week before she gave a long list of her demands requests for her birthday. I tried to accommodate as much as I could. But, nothing could account for the snow that hit. Upon seeing the forecast for the end of the week I realized we would have to do our birthday prep on Wednesday instead of the day before like I had planned. Of course since it was snowpocalypse everyone in Raleigh was out shopping as well. None the less we got everything we needed and thanks to amazon prime I finished some last minute shopping. In recent months Emerson had gotten very into dolphins thanks to Dolphin Tale. So she wanted a dolphin party. I wasn't really sure what that was but I was able to find dolphin necklaces for her friends and do an aqua theme. When I found this cute little pink dolphin at the store I knew it was the perfect gift for our dolphin lover.
We decided to just have a few girls from school over that Friday to celebrate since they were tracked out. Thursday our power was out but thankfully it cut back on in time for us to make cupcakes. I think everyone was so glad to come over and play to get out of the house! Since she was out of school she made her own birthday crown since the the teacher usually has one if your birthday is a school day. Of course she didn't cut any corners and it was glitzy with jewels and glitter. Since she is a birthday diva we sang to her a total of four times for her birthday. Her birthday dinner request was tacos so I was happy to oblige. We ended the day with a dolphin cookie cake that Haven ate her weight in. The next day she got to go roller skating and had dinner at Chick-Fil-A. Really a 6 year olds dream come true. In true Emerson fashion she's already planning next year.

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