Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hello Again

Hello again! Even though it's finally spring I haven't blogged in so long our updates go back to winter. 
After Christmas we had an oddly warm day so we headed to the park while Emerson was still on break. I actually brought my real camera to snap some updated pictures of the kids. Ezra now has chronic squinty eyes. Exhibit A.

Exhibit B. Cannot capture those baby blues anymore. 

Emerson is always ready for her picture to be taken. 

I snapped a few of this cutie playing on a playground for one of the first times. She had a ball climbing the stairs and going down the slide. 
Her shirt says it all. 

Emerson took every opportunity to take her down the slide. I love how they adore one another. So sweet. Our next update will be snow as we creep our way toward present day. 

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