Monday, November 17, 2014

The big cut

A couple months ago Emerson started asking to get her hair cut. I kept brushing it off because last time she got it cut she asked to have it cut long like Rapunzel. So I didn't think she had a good grasp on the consequences. But, she was persistent that she wanted it short. We have had it short before but honestly I was a worried that this desire for short hair would only last two days. Then she would be pretty upset she had chopped her locks. Well, Emerson isn't one to give up. After some timely advice from a friend that this was a way I could let my strong willed child make a decision we went for it. I made an appointment with our trusty gal. She gave Emerson her first bob 2 years ago and is good with her. I was thinking we would do shoulder length to have enough for a pony tail. In fact Emerson tried to persuade me to cut it by telling me she could still wear it up. Yes, she thought of everything. She hops in the chair and points her chin in the front and the nap of her neck. Big difference! I almost had a tiny heart attack. She knows what she wants that's for sure. 15 minutes later we had an adorable bob and a giddy little girl. It definitely fits her. She was very glad to look like Nannie!

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