Monday, November 17, 2014

Haven 10 to 11 months

Here is a long overdue update on Haven. Moments to sit down to blog are rare. But, as she approaches one I wanted to jot down what this little girl is like. I tried to capture a few pictures of her. I would really just call it snapshots. When you have a baby that rarely gets her picture taken, they could care less to smile at the camera. The grass was more appealing. So while I don't feel this captures her sweet grin it'll do. After a little drop in weight she is finally up to almost 16 lbs! Small, yes. But, still a big jump from where she was. She is super active now crawling on all fours. She just maneuvers through the whole house exploring and pulling things down. It makes me tired! Her favorite is unrolling the toilet paper. Haven has started dancing when she hears music. I had forgotten how sweet a baby dancing is. She gets up on her knees and bounces. Reminds me of a certain other little dancer we all know. 

"What is on my head?"

"Wait, that's cute. I'll put it back on."

Haven is a happy girl. She has the most infectious and joyous smile. Paired with an adorable giggle she lights up the room. She really loves people and smiles at everyone. Including animals. One of her quirks is eating everything. I've never had a baby so determined to put anything not nailed down in her mouth. Definitely keeps me on my toes. 

Leaf in the mouth. Case and point. 

She's definitely starting to make more jesters such as waving and clapping. As well as babbling a lot. She just started saying Mama and Da. But, most of the time she just says ba to everything and look at you like, "You know what I mean?" I have tried baby signing with her because she gets a little temperamental when she runs out of food. But, when I sign "more" she just giggles instead of repeating the sign. Ha. Can we talk about how much she eats. It is a mystery how she is so tiny because she can put down some food. In one sitting she could eat a whole banana, a half a pear, and cheerios! I could list all the foods she likes but really she likes everything. I'm very thankful to have a non-picky eater. It makes life just a little easier. 

Her model pose. When has she ever looked this serious in real life?!  Her hair is growing like crazy and now sticks up like a little duckling. 

Now, that's the funny girl I know. 

I hope to have her birth story put together before she turns one. Better late than never, right?

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