Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Haven 12-13 months

So Haven turned one! I really dropped the ball on the birthday update and now she is 13 months. I wanted to write down her stats now before it all changes again. First I'll say that at 12 months she was crawling around and that's it. Then about a week later she started pulling up and she was so thrilled with herself. Within a week she was climbing on top of things and booking it for the stairs. Thank goodness we finally got a gate! Now a month later she is slowly cruising and trying to stand up on her own. I don't see walking in her near future but I guess you never know. Right now she is really into trying to impersonating us such as brushing hair, putting on shoes, and rocking her baby. She even loves the play kitchen. Haven is full of life. She grins about 90% of the time and is a giggle machine. But, when she's mad it's not subtle. Girl, has a temper and a set of lungs. She makes it clear to me she does not like her carseat or a diaper change. She is saying Mama and Da, bye and dog. Babbling a lot of gibberish as well. She adores her siblings and gets big belly laughs when she plays with them. When I am about to put her to bed she makes pucker up kissing noises and loves to hug on them. She loves to eat. Her favorites are blueberries, pears, and oranges at the moment. She also loves a big girl peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Haven was about 16lbs 6oz in December. We just love her to pieces. If I could describe her in one word it would be joyful. Such a sweet addition to our family. Can't wait to see her grow over the next year into a toddler!

Chocolate cake was a success.

ps: It was not her first taste of cake. Shhh! :)

The three amigos. Happy. Everyone looking? Well, you can't have it all. 

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