Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last week in pictures

Last week we headed out first thing in the morning to the consignment sale. I usually make a bee-line straight for the clothes. But, with it not being as busy I stopped off in the back room for books. At first I got a princess book for Emerson. Until I turned around and saw disney movies. Emerson loves Tangled so much I knew she would love some more classics. I had my eye out for Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Both of which I found for $3 each. Score! But, then I turned around and found a set of 6 movies for $3. So I vetoed Cinderella since I'm pretty sure it comes out on blu-ray this year, and got 7 movies for $6. Emerson has a tv with hcr in her room so tapes are perfect for us. She has watched Little Mermaid and loved it. Although she thinks King Titan is Santa Claus. I'm really excited to watch Lady and the Tramp, one of my favorites. 

Next we went to the boy section since he was in the most need of spring clothes. Of course as usual the selection of boys clothes is about a quarter of the girls and there was only one other mom shopping that section. So I think I got first dibs on a lot. But, when I got home I saw a pattern. Do I like stripes much? Umm... I think so. 

Jump to the girl's section which was bumper to bumper with eager moms.  I didn't have the time or the patience to dig through it so I only got Emerson a few things. One of which was this dress, which she calls her Jonah and the Fish dress. She loves it! A perfect cotton dress to run around in this summer. Although she has already wore it a couple times. So we survived another consignment sale venture. Having Rio on the iphone didn't hurt. 

That afternoon we played outside in the rain. Ezra was super excited to play with the big kids!

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