Friday, January 13, 2012


I love pinterest. Not just because you can find some great ideas but I love clicking through to find fabulous blogs. I've found so many home design, and DIY blogs that I would have never found otherwise.  That is what happened today when I stumbled upon two awesome DIY Craft blogs full of ideas for little girls. I haven't made anything for Emerson since the skirt disaster where she hated it but, I'm ready to dive back in.

I adore this dress and I hope to make it for Emerson this spring. She loves longer dresses and this will be perfect. I just have to remember to get a wonderful pink for her so she will like it. Apparently turquoise is my favorite but not hers. 

The second is this adorable. It's retro, fun, and oh so sweet. Time to dust off the sewing machine! 

Lastly an adorable peasant style dress. The blogger says she used a thrifted pillow case for this dress for the fabric. We'll have to try that! 

Now only to find the time and focus to make these cute threads!

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