Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween Part 2

On Halloween we headed to Mark's work so Emerson could trick or treat there. When we were getting ready her pink dress was not dry yet so I was relieved she was excited to be Snow White. It matched Ezra's costume better anyways so it worked out well.  She really enjoyed grabbing some candy but was a little on the shy side with so much going on. She enjoyed a break half way through at Dad's desk and snacked on some candy.

Emerson didn't know what to think of scary costumes but she was fearless about going through the spiders! After we got enough candy we enjoyed some yummy ice cream.  It started raining pretty hard as we left and we got stuck in some nasty traffic. So we scratched trick or treating since both kids had colds. 

But, that didn't dampen their spirits.  I must say they are pretty cute together.  

Didn't she make a beautiful Snow White?!? Next year we will definitely trick or treat. I've already got her costume thanks to Target clearance and costumes in mind for the whole family. 

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Lauren said...

I love the last photo of her and Ezra. So cute! I love that costume.