Friday, November 18, 2011

Ezra 7 Months

ezra7mths-7Ezra is 7 months old! I have been meaning to write his update for a week now but struggled to find the time. I took this picture the day he turned 7 months. It's not perfect, but the only one I could take before he tried to jump off the couch. With that grin I guess it will do. He is just always on the go! Since last week Ezra is crawling on all fours now. He is so strong and is getting so fast. He is a full month and a half before Emerson! He can put himself in sitting position with such ease and it's really amazing how stable he is.  Today I even found him on climbing the stairs! He loves to play and crawl around. His favorite toys right now are an empty bottle that he likes to toss across the hardwood floors and our leap frop table that I have taken the legs off so he can sit and play with it. He also loves to chase balls across the floor and is interested in anything Emerson has. In the last month they have really started to interact with each other. Many times I have spotted them playing peak a boo in the back seat of the car and Ezra chuckles with laughter. It's so fun to see them enjoy spending time with each other. 
Ezra is still a ham. He has the most magnetic smile. If I just give him a big grin back he will burst with laughter. He has a deep manly laugh. Fitting for a baby boy. 
We have tried some food but much to my surprise he is not interested. Not one bit. He acts like we are attacking him with the spoon. Maybe next month! Good thing he loves milk, and as you can see he isn't hurting for calories. A sturdy 17lbs he is full of rolls. He is wearing pretty much all 12 month clothes. Especially pjs since he has big feet. In some clothes that are 6-12 months they fit perfect but I'm sure not for long. I'm amazed at his growth compared to Emerson. I think at this age she was wearing 3-6 month clothes. 
Ezra has started to be over the paci. I don't know how it happened but I thought for sure he would be attached for some time to it. Only on occasion when he is sleeping will he take it. He loves to find his Mama. Wherever I am he will crawl across the room to find me. A mama's boy for sure. I don't mind. Who could resist this grin and baby blue's? He even gives me his own version of a kiss. He grabs my face firmly and bites my chin and growls. I guess he is loving on me. Ezra is still waiting on that first tooth. It seems he is changing a little bit everyday with development and he really is a joy to have around. We love him! 

I have some more pictures I will share later that I took outside. Let's just say this smiley guy could care less about his Mama when he is in the great outdoors. I guess I'll keep him inside for those toothless grins. 


Mitzi G. said...

what beautiful eyes!!

The Landis Family said...

Thanks! He will be quite the charmer one day.