Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Monday mornings Emerson has been going to toddler gymnastics or what she likes to call "nastics."  She gets to run around and pretty much have free reign of the gym. Unfortunately it was our last week but Mark was off and got to go with us for the last session.

They have a really cool playground on the side with a "rock wall" to climb and one of the fastest slides I've ever seen. Emerson flies about two feet at the end. Luckily there are foam mats.
Each week she has become a little braver. This week she went full force trying several things she has never done before. Like the giant foam pit!
Your Dad throwing you in might be one of the reasons for trying something new though. Ha!
She also tried the rings and hung on what seemed like forever!
She was definitely proud of herself. 
The tiny toddler side that is always a favorite.
Back to the rings. 
Cheesing with Dad.

She maybe be tiny but she is strong! I was really impressed. Hopefully we can sign up for another session sometime soon. I've seen lots of mamas there toting little babies in their mobys. So there is hope!

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