Friday, February 25, 2011

32 Weeks


Wow, only 8 more weeks to go! I'm sure this next month will fly by and before you know it I'll be full term. How am I feeling? Well, pregnant. Very pregnant to be exact. I don't remember feeling like this last time, especially this early. My belly feels super heavy and I'm waddling all over the place. Muscles are pulling and stretching and I'm really not sure how there is room for 8 more weeks! After a week of being sideways, which is not comfy at all the by way, baby boy is finally head down. He is not as active as Emerson was but he likes to turn around and stick his behind out instead of kick a lot. Which makes my belly look very strange and lopsided. As you can kinda tell by the picture my maternity shirts are starting to not cover my belly. Who knows what will fit by April. I'm gaining weight pretty steadily now instead of the huge jumps I had before. I'll probably end up with the same gain as last time with E.  This week I've been craving cuban style grilled cheese, chicken nuggets with bbq sauce, and bbq sandwiches with coleslaw. Every week I have a harder and harder time chasing a toddler. Seems like everytime I have to speed up I get a braxton hicks and I have lots of pressure this time. But, I'm sure it's very comical to others to see someone with a big belly running down a two year old. She can usually outrun me easily. Hopefully in the next few weeks we can start to get things organized. Here is a sneak peak of the little guy we had done today. 

 Pretty cute if I do say so myself!

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Anonymous said...

How precious! He has E's nose!!!
You look amazing!