Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Cookies

I have been dreaming about making cookies with Emerson since last Christmas. So I figured it was about time we did it! I was all hyped up to make sugar cookies from scratch but when I saw a kit with the cutters, icing, and sugars, at Trader Joes I couldn't turn it down. Emerson's favorite was the stars. She kept saying stars over and over again.

She absolutely loved rolling it out, and playing with the dough. She got a little upset when we actually had to put them in the oven. She just wanted to play all day. I think it might be time for some play dough.
Here is the pippy long stocking hair we sported during our mother-daughter cooking time.

I took a little video of her in the process. I don't think she knew what we were doing but once I started saying cookies on camera she said please over and over because she wanted one. Ha!
After we baked them I was excited to decorate. I put a few on her tray, some icing, a butter knife, and some sugar for her to create a master piece. She had other plans and ate all the cookies in 5 minutes. So I decorated the rest since someone couldn't be trusted. Maybe next year we'll have something to show for it!

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