Wednesday, August 11, 2010

17 month pictures

We finally got around to take a few photos to document Emerson being 17 months! I didn't get downtown like I had hoped but seeing as she only had patience for 10 minutes our neighborhood worked out just fine. I got a basket actually for newborn photos but found it worked wonderfully for a active toddler. I didn't have to run her down and it was great!

She got pretty excited when we sang some silly songs!

Or maybe she was excited the pictures were almost over?? Hmmm...

I love this one that showcases those gorgeous lashes.


Being silly as usual.


This flower didn't last too long. I put in no less than 5 times as she immediately would rip it out. 

She can't handle being tickled!

Her serious look. Which as you remember is not new. She started giving it to me this time last year.

All in all it was a toddler photo shoot success! This one is definitely going in my house. Her pigtails just make her looks so grown up and I could adore those big brown eyes.

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cindy cope said...

the last one is definitely my favorite too!!! she's a cutie : ) i know how hard it is to keep these 17 month olds still even for a minute!