Monday, August 2, 2010

17 months

Almost a year and a half! 17 months old.  I'm of course behind on the updates. But, this wild girl is keeping me busy.  I haven't been able to get official 17 month pictures so this one will have to suffice for now. As you can see her hair is now long enough for pigtails and I think she wears it quite well. She will go over and pick out a hair clip and come up to me saying bow trying to put it in her hair. I knew after awhile she would give into my persuasions. She has become a full out toddler with sassiness, protesting, and tantrums. On the flip side she can be so sweet and its so interesting to see her develop. Her language continues to grow everyday. She loves to name body parts, and is always talking about shoes. Emerson is starting to realize that people have names and will repeat them on occasion. I've finally gotten her to call the dog, "Mimi," instead of just dog. :) In the last week she has been carrying around a stuffed animal dog, giving it kisses, and loving it. Of course she told me that it's name is Mimi! I'm sure our dog is flattered! Emerson now has 10 teeth and I'm so thankful that the last molar is finally in. She slept through the night 9pm-6:15am last weekend. I was completely shocked! That doesn't happen in our house. Although her napping is still a mess no matter how much I try to enforce it. One thing that has sticked out to me about this age is the pretend play. She will go get any type of garment and wrap it around her neck like a scarf. Then prances around like she is hot stuff. Emerson also adores necklaces and carrying her pocketbook. She also holds her hand up to her ear now and says hello while turning her head. Ha! E. has also loved to play with her friends babydoll strollers and rocking the baby. On top of the fun play she is on the path of destruction getting everything out of our drawers, cabinets, shelves. Nothing is safe from this tike! She has discovered pulling things off the table so we have to be extra careful. So she is definitely my workout of the day. She is quick, and might for someone so tiny! I'm loving this age of growth, and change as she shows us more everyday who she will be. Love you Emerson Kaye!

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