Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Haven Elizabeth 6 months

I skipped over Haven’s 5 month update so here is a photo heavy post. Haven is just a delight to be around with her never ending supply of smiles. Her eyes light up and the happiness is infectious. She is starting to babble quite and a bit and enjoys hearing her own voice. We joke that she sounds like a little billy goat saying “baaaaa.”  She just started to roll over both ways. She doesn’t love to be on her tummy but now at least she’ll tolerate it. Before she would roll over and get stuck, leaving her very upset. Haven’s close to sitting up, but not really sturdy enough yet to pull it off on her own. Her hair is really starting to come in and it appears to be blonde and a wavy texture. It reminds me of what Ezra’s was as a baby. Although at this age he was bald. Haven’s favorite toy is Sophie. She also likes steal Emerson’s barbie dolls and chew their hair. The same way she likes to chew on my hair. She has a knack for ripping it out. In the last week or so she has realized that we have a dog. When Mia walks by she giggles at her and what else? She tries to pull her hair too. 

It's possible she could be the happiest baby in the world. On the flip side she can be the most dramatic. She can be screaming bloody murder and giggle one second after she's picked up. One of her favorite things that distracts her is to watch Emerson dance. She was an excellent supporter when she practiced for her recital. Although she also laughs when anyone else is crying. Her empathy hasn't kicked in quite yet.

Since she is the third child, she rarely gets "real" pictures. So when I pull out the camera she stares bewildered. It's a totally different expression and I can't seem to capture her adorable grin.

Whenever she is tired she loves to suck on her bottom lip

Grabby hands found the camera strap

Baby yawns

One of the major differences in Haven from the other two is this girl loves food. Emerson and Ezra could care less about food at 6 months. Haven on the other hand grabbed watermelon out of my hand and started eating it. It was a real subtle sign she was ready. Since then she has loved devouring fresh watermelon, bananas, avocado, sprite melon, and loves sweet potatoes. I let her taste an apple and it was her least favorite surprisingly. When we went to the soccer game she was relentless on trying to steal Ezra's hot dog. Slow down girly. She also has found a it a good idea to eat leaves from the garden. I'm not sure how that's appealing and apples aren't. 

Haven's also very stylish.

Emerson Kaye
Here is Emerson at 6-7 months

Standing tall

Big girl Haven. I let her borrow her brother's onesie since it was so cute. I added a pink headband for some feminity. Since everyone also comments how she looks like Emerson. Here is Ezra in the same onesie at 6 months. I see a lot of similarities when she smiles. Of course Ezra has a few pounds on her. Can we talk about how cute he was with his bald head?!



Samantha said...

Your family is beautiful!

The Landis Family said...

Thanks Samantha!