Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ezra Age 3

Ezra Age: 3
Favorite Color: blue
What do you want to be when you grow up? Super Hero
Favorite Movie: Batman and Robin
Favorite Book: I'm not sure. Batman and Dora the Explorer
What makes you happy? Ben makes me happy. 
What makes you sad? I don't know.
Favorite food: Chicken Nuggets
Favorite song: Batman
Best Friend: Ben

This guy is 3. How could it be? I feel like he has grown up so much from last year and now looks so much like a little boy and no more baby. He's still as happy as can be. Ezra's got a silly sense of humor and infectious grin. As you can tell from his survey right now he is all about superheros. Loves them. Superman, batman, and spiderman are all his faves. We gave him a scooby doo movie for his birthday and they meet Batman and Robin in it. He is pretty much obsessed with that movie. I let him watch old spiderman from the 80's and he's as happy as can be. He's constantly wearing a cape or mask, and when he doesn't he ties a bandana around his neck to create a pseudo cape. He keeps a sword on hand because you never know when you'll run into a bad guy. He's started to show preferences in what he wears. He really loves his soccer outfit and wears it all the time. But, no matter how many times I tell him he always puts his clothes on backwards. Underwear and all. He's such a sweet boy with a tender heart. Ezra always compliments me and is very affectionate. Being in the middle of two girls I'm hoping will help keep that sweetness as the years go by. On the flip side he's a wild boy who likes to wrestle around. It's funny how different he plays when he is around another boy. All the toys battle, the cars crash. As Emerson starts school this year I'm sure he will begin develop more buddies of his own apart from his sister. Can we talk about food? Because this kid can put down some food. He can eat about four bowls of cereal in the morning. Ezra likes routine. He always wants cheerios. He has had a peanut butter sandwich everyday for almost a year. Just in the last month I have been able to add in jelly. His third food group is meat. Emerson is my mostly vegetarian and Ezra is my carnivore. He loves chicken of any kind, steak, cheeseburgers, and hotdogs. His three fruits of choice are bananas, watermelon, and occasionally an apple or orange. Right now he's about 30 lbs, and I believe 36 inches tall. Much bigger than Emerson at this age but pretty average for his age. Ezra knows all his letters and sounds and loves to pick out letters. He has changed so much in the last year I can't even imagine him as a 4 year old. But, if anything I can say I'm pretty sure things are not going to slow down one bit.

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