Monday, April 28, 2014

Haven 3-4 months

Could I be anymore behind on updates? I was waiting, and waiting to do a 3 month update and now she is 4 months! So of course lots of things have changed. She had her 4 month check up this week. She was close to 13 lbs. I want to say 12lbs 11oz but I'm unsure exactly. About 2 lbs bigger than Emerson at this age.  But, not huge by any means. I have no idea on the length. But, I know for certain her once pants are now capris. She has changed a lot in the last month or so. One development is the ability to grab things. It kind of hit me by surprised when I was holding her in the kitchen and a tiny fist knocked my bowl in the floor. Now, she grabs at everything. My hair is no longer safe. She has been enjoying the baby gym but is getting irritated she can't pull the toys off that are attached. Little miss is not rolling over yet. I'm not complaining, as it's nice to have a baby be non-mobile for the moment. She has no interest in being on her belly. She does like to be on her back and kick her legs like crazy. Haven has a very social personality. She loves to be in the middle of conversation and grins at everyone. She has started chuckling and finds Emerson hilarious. She even has a tickle spot. I’m sure everyone thinks they have the most adorable baby, but I’m pretty sure Haven might be.  I’m mean seriously she has the most joyous smile. 
This is a funny peak at her personality. On the left, I'm entertaining her. She wasn't impressed. On the right, Emerson did something silly. 

The scowl, and the chuckle.

Emerson at the same age.

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