Saturday, April 12, 2014

Emerson Age 5!

So, birthday post 6 weeks late. That's kind of how my life runs now. I'm on a 6 week delay. ;)

Emerson Age: 5
Favorite Color: Golden
What do you want to be when you grow up? A firestar (from Spiderman)
Favorite Movie: Treasure Planet
Favorite Book: Ariel
What makes you happy? Daddy
What makes you sad? Timeout
Favorite food: Monkey Muffins
Favorite song: Tangled
Best Friend: Emerson from dance class is her best friend because she told her she can have a gold coin so she’s nice. And Olivia. Ha

Emerson is five years old! An official school age kid, not a preschooler anymore. She was so thrilled for her birthday. Her birthday request…to get her ears pierced! She was pretty adamant that she wanted them done even though it hurts. I would love to say there were no tears but overall she got past the pain pretty quickly. Five minutes later she was over the moon with her new flower earrings!

A rare mother/daughter shot with the birthday girl. 
She loves her sister! Don't worry not a black eye. Marker. :)

A little bit about Emerson right now. She is a talkative, bubbly gal. Inquisitive, and relentlessly asks why. Emerson loves to play with dolls, barbies, and her favorite thing is dressing up her stuffed animals. She is very focused in accessorizing them. Earrings, hats, and hair bows. She loves to dress herself and combine different patterns and layer. Her favorite thing to do is draw. She spends a couple hours a day creating her master pieces. Emerson has a great eye for color combination. Because of her perfectionist tendencies she gets frustrated when things aren't quite right. I remind here that drawing takes practice. She is both particular yet carefree. She loves to be around people and making new friends. If you had told me 3 years ago how much this child would be eating I wouldn't have believed it. She is a huge veggie and fruit lover. Likely the healthiest eater in our house. She's growing up fast. I can't wait to see what the future holds for her!

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