Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I thought I would go back and catch up on 2013 before 2014 started flying by. Here is a picture of me and the kids on Thanksgiving. I didn't do any maternity photos this time so I figured I should document my bump with the kiddos. We thought Haven was going to arrive all weekend long.  She had other plans though.

Thankfully she didn't decide to be a Christmas baby. It was lovely waking up this 10 day old face on Christmas morning. I got this outfit on ebay. Unisex green since I didn't' know who would wear it. She looks so cute in it but sadly it's already almost too small. 

Ezra in the best Christmas picture ever. Ezra the Elf anyone?

Thankfully even with a newborn we were able to make our favorite monkey muffins. Our own Christmas morning tradition. 

A picture of all three cuddling up. She kind of shrank up in the middle of them.

Emerson couldn't keep her hands off of her. That sweet face. 

Since Haven was so little we stayed in for some girl time. AKA a cheesy christmas movie and a nap. But, we managed to get in one selfie. 

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