Saturday, January 18, 2014

Haven 1 Month Old

This past month has flown by. I had a hard time capturing a good one month picture of Haven. She hates being naked, so it was tough to have a non-crying picture in her diapers. I couldn't even get the giraffe set-up but I guess it'll have to work! So here is what I've learned about Haven in her first month.

1. She really doesn't like to be cold. Unfortunate for a baby born in winter.
2. As a result she hasn't been a fan of bath time. 
3. She's a loud baby. A serious set of lungs.
4. Although she can be fussy when awake she is a great sleeper.

She weighed in at 9 lb 2.5 oz (50th %) and 21.7 inches long (75th %) at her one month check-up, up over a pound in two weeks. In the last few days since she turned one month she has had a lot more pleasant awake time, and has also shown a few smiles. The other night when she woke up I said her name and she flashed the biggest grin. Adorable. All the sudden she looks fuller and less newborn like too. I forgot how fun it is to dress a little girl so of course I ooh and ahh over everything she wears. Since she is a big spitter we have plenty of opportunity for wardrobe changes. She's been the object of affection of her brother and sister. Emerson can't get enough, and Ezra loves her until she spits up and he is totally grossed out. 

Here is our picture mishap.  Hopefully she'll be sturdier next month. 

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