Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ezra turns two

Ezra turned two! We are only two months late on that update. Big boy got a scooter for his birthday. He had been obsessing over her sisters since she got once for Christmas. So on the day of his birthday we went to the airport observation area to ride our scooters and check out the planes.


He had a great time riding the runways.
After a nice day we opened a couple more presents. He was loving his new baseball cap. We grilled chicken, one of Ezra's favorites and finished with some yummy ice cream cake. He got to pick out the cake himself and of course went for the soccer one.

It was a delicious treat but we didn't plan that it had to defrost for a bit. It was hard as a rock then hurt the kids mouths because it was so cold. But, they enjoyed it none the less.

After dinner the kids took a little celebratory stroll down our alley. Somewhere along the way Ezra lost his pants. It was nice relaxing birthday, perfect for Ezra!

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