Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Shaun the Sheep

What visitor did we have at our house?
Who could it be?!?
We had a baby bunny. I rented a bunny for spring mini sessions. We couldn't have gotten a cuter  bunny. White, and full of fluff. He was about 6 weeks old. The kids immediately named him Shaun the Sheep after their beloved favorite show.

I guess they both had the white color in common.

Emerson was in love. 

He really took to her and laid down beside her, was very tolerating with unique holding positions.

He became well read as Emerson shared bible stories with him.

We quickly learned that play time had to be contained to the bathroom. Let's just say bunnies use the bathroom A LOT. The kids spent a whole week loving on Shaun the Sheep. I even let him cuddle on my lap after the kids went to bed. Everytime I walked in the room he would put his nose to the top of his cage to open it.
Smitten with the Bunny

I was so excited for the opportunity to have adorable pictures of my both my kids with the bunny. But, alas Ezra wouldn't have any part of it. When I had a scheduled "shoot" he cried the whole time and refused to come near the bunny. Oh well! Emerson did not mind at all.  
After a week we had to return him to his mom and siblings. The kids were sad to see him go but I kept telling them how happy he would be to see his family. For a week solid Ezra kept asking where the sheep was. Still every once in awhile he will ask if the sheep is on the farm. I think we will have to visit soon!

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