Friday, February 10, 2012

This Girl

This girl has been saying the craziest things lately. I knew if I didn't write it down I would forget. So let's recap our conversations this week. 

Emerson: "I want a big one."
Me: "Ok, we'll get a big one but what type?"
Emerson: "Umm...I want a Rapunzel one."
Me:"Ok, we'll check and see!" (Didn't hold my breath on that one) :)

Ezra was fussing a little bit and she looked down at him and said, 

"Ezra, honey, I can't hold you right now. I'm working."

Yesterday  I had to go upstair several times and tell her to take her nap. The first time she was wearing two dresses layered. The second time she had added a t-shirt. The final time I went upstairs because she was crying. I found her in this outfit, baby onesie and pj shorts.  Standing inside her pajama drawer. 

Me: "Emerson, what are you doing?!?"

Emerson: "It's backwards."

Ah, the problems of a two year old. 

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