Monday, February 6, 2012

Ezra 9 Months Old


My sweet boy is 9 months. I really can't say enough good things about Ezra. He is a happy boy and he continues to be such a joy in our lives. This month he is getting faster and faster at cruising. He is sturdy on his feet and I never worry about him toppling over. He has strong legs for sure! He is busy as can be. Always trying to climb the stairs and for some reason will do anything to get to the toilet or dog bowls. It's like he puts everything in fast forward and crawls with a purpose. Emerson never did that! Haha. He is beginning to play with her more and more. They enjoy playing with the Little People Farm together. He gets so excited to see her in the morning and adores his sister. He is babbling a lot and even said bye the other day. He's all boy and loves throwing balls and other toys.  Ezra points very distinctly with one finger and it really seems to tickle him. His hair is coming in like crazy and seems to be a light color similar to Emerson's. Although it's lighter than her hair at this age. Maybe we'll have a blondie this summer? Despite the fact that I have offered him tons of food he prefers milk. He will chew on crackers or a veggie stick but forget about fruit! The cutest thing he has started to do is dancing. I guess Emerson has rubbed off on him. He will bounce as soon as he hears music and will also clap his hands. He also shakes his head no at everything and thinks it's so funny that he is communicating. For the first time this month he got embarrassed. A lot of women at church were standing around him in the nursery adoring him and when he noticed everyone was laughing at him he hung his head down and started bawling. Broke my heart!  I just hate when he feels sad. It never gets easier. He's growing up fast but I continue to soak up every moment with him.  Love him!
Can he get anymore scrumptious with those baby blues and pouty lips?!?

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