Monday, September 26, 2011

Ezra 5 Months

Finally getting to a 5 month post for Ezra! He is getting so big and growing so fast it makes me kinda sad but excited of the little person he is becoming. Ezra is one of the happiest guys around. He will grin at everyone with a beaming smile. Then will quickly hide his head, as to hint that he is shy. Recently he has started smiling with his mouth closed, and bites his lips. It's really adorable. Whenever he is playing and I call his name and our eyes meet he lets out the biggest smile you have ever seen. It makes me heart explode. He weighs about 16lbs and is a solid boy. I love his chunky thighs and he giggles when I squeeze them. Ezra is ticklish on his belly, neck, back, and feet. Well, pretty much anywhere and will cackle and squeal. He is the grabbiest baby I have ever seen. He attempts to grab anything out of my hand, knock things over, my face, my hair, any jewelry. Emerson and I both have lost a ton of hair to this little guy. His grip is unreal. He is now getting to where he likes to grab my face and pull my hair when going to sleep. I'm not sure where he got that but it's not too comfy for mommy. Ezra also tries to grab our food. The other day he went after Emerson's cereal! I have a feeling we won't have trouble getting this guy to try food in the months coming up. He is rolling both ways now with great ease and is constantly on the move.  He goes after toys with excitement and determination while grunting.  Ezra's legs are constantly moving, and he looks like he is swimming when he is on his tummy. His eyes are as blue as ever but I can't tell if his hair will end up being light or dark quite yet. There really isn't that much of it right now but, it is frizzy and curly. His nickname is Ezra Bean. No rhyme or reason to it. That's just what we call him. Emerson calls him beanie sometimes. Ha!

How could you resist this grin and these rolls?!?

To compare his growth this was 2 month ago. 

And now...I think he hasn't gotten a tad bit bigger. 5mthezracollage
Here are some pictures I actually took when he turned 5 months.  Can you believe these gorgeous eyes? I just think he is so handsome.
We just love Ezra to pieces. A year ago it was so hard for me to imagine having another baby in addition to Emerson when she was just 18 month old. Now I couldn't imagine life without him. Having him as a part of our family just seems perfect. Happy Birthday Ezra!

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