Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Part 1

Emerson had several days of Halloween celebration. So this is part 1 of our fun. This year she was a Garden Gnome! (Not to be confused with an elf.) I loved, loved her costume. Couldn't have been better. She did get irritated when I put the dress on her. She found it restricted. But, surprisingly wore the hat. Which pretty much made the outfit.  On Friday we went to Mark's work to trick or treat there. Emerson was a little hesitant, wondering how everyone knew her name, and why are these people dressed all crazy. She quickly got into the swing of things. Digging into the candy!

 Although she didn't get the point that you take on and move on. She wanted to sort through it, play in it, and take about 10 pieces. Luckily she is cute!
 I don't think Emerson even knows what candy is but she had a fun time with the bright colored wrappers. Her favorite was red!

 Her costume was a big hit and she loved walking around with her pumpkin.
Last it was time to head downstairs for some ice cream. Note the cute gnome shoes! Not made for good traction though.  Emerson had pumpkin ice cream and loved it. She kept asking for more and more. I think she ate more than anyone. 

Yummy! This Halloween thing isn't too bad! Next up Halloween Day festivities. 

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