Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend update

Since my updates have been far and between I'm going to attempt to do better. This past weekend we went to our first Appalachian game of the year. E. dressed in her hippie tie die ASU onesie. I'd say she was definitely an eye catcher. 
Although she look less than thrilled in the pictures she had a good time.  She cheered for her team and made friends with everyone around her. In face she outlasted most of the other fans and was a real trooper to stay the whole game. Even if she ended up throwing a few bottles into the crowd. 

On Sunday we headed to the mall to give Emerson a turn on the carousel. We knew she would love it since she was so excited her first time back at the zoo in Utah. I think the whole mall knew she had fun since she was squealing so much. I think she rode a total of 3 times but really would have went all day long. 

Here she is waving to the crowd. I think this maybe a regular stop for us every time we are in Hickory.

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