Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ezra 21 months

My, how this boy is changing. Sadly I haven't gotten any real pictures of him lately so an iphone picture will have to do. His hair is getting really long again so I'm debating whether to cut it or let him be a surfer boy. This month Ezra is talking like crazy. Not that he hasn't been verbal for awhile but for some reason he has just starting chatting non-stop. He constantly says, "Where's Daddy?," all day long. I tell him he is at work but he still manages to ask me about 10 more times. He will even tell me, "Daddy's at work." But, I guess the memory is short-lived. Now he is calling Emerson, "sister." I'm not sure why he has never said her name but now he is always calling for, "sister." All day long I hear,  "Sister, where are you?" When he wakes up from his nap, he asks where she is. When you combine that with all of his "What's that?" questions and food requests he talks all day. Currently he is obsessed with Mickey Mouse. He calls him, Mouska. As in the secret word for the clubhouse. There is also a short film called, "La Luna." It's about a little boy cleaning stars off the moon so he loves to ask to watch the star movie. Recently he was introduced to the Cars movie and absolutely found it hysterical and now loves McQueen. He is still a great eater, pretty much trying anything. Ezra is super physical and his running is getting faster each day. He loves to play football and say "hut, hut."Emerson has a scooter she got for Christmas and he is awesome at riding it. He has excellent balance for guy not even two. Ezra is amazing little guy. Sweet, loving, and funny. He has the cutest laugh and is usually laughing at his own jokes. Now that he is getting older he likes to help out. He puts his dishes away, throws away trash, and puts clothes in the washer. His future wife will be very impressed. :) 

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